File upload in background: thread/service/AIDL...?

by Mark Murphy » Tue, 02 Mar 2010 01:31:53 GMT

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In which case, do the following:

Step #1: Implement your Service as a subclass of IntentService.
IntentService handles the whole background thread thing for you, so you
will not need an AsyncTask.

Step #2: Put your file-upload logic in onHandleIntent() in your
IntentService subclass.

Step #3: When you have something to upload, create an Intent that
identifies the service (e.g., new Intent(this, MyService.class);) and
put a string extra on it (via putExtra()) that contains the thing to upload.

Step #4: Call startService() with the Intent from Step #3.

Step #5: In onHandleIntent(), you are passed the Intent, so you can call
getStringExtra() to get the value and use it.

Step #6: There is no step #6. Your service will automatically shut down
when there is nothing more to upload, and it will be restarted
automatically if another upload is required.

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