Emulator not finding java/javascript html program

by Thomas » Mon, 13 Apr 2009 12:14:22 GMT

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 Hi Guys:
I've written a small javascript - html program
http://gpsmancer/android/amdroidgpstest.html to test linking to an
android platform.  With this I've written as small program that uses a
java  wv.loadUrl( " http://gpsmancer.com/android/androidgpstest.html" ;)
in a android java program. The idea is to provide GPS latitude and
longitude to an html form program.  When I run the app using the
emulator I get "Web page not available". If I go to the android
emulator web browser it finds the url without difficulty.  It has not
trouble finding other URLs as well.  My question: do I need to set
some sort of emulator setting or permission or does the emulator not
work with java/javascript/html?  For those that care about geocaching,
the game can be seen at  http://gmpmancer.com  . There are several
variations and I am attempting to extend the game to android.  I have
a netbook version working on my ASUS netbook running winXP but the
android platform seems to be a logical extension.  Some of the
versions work on IPhone, and various cellphones but in a crippled
Regards, Tom Birchmire


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