regarding ANALOGICS GPRS MODEM interface with BeagleBoard

by gayatri devi » Fri, 04 Jun 2010 15:37:05 GMT

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 Hi all, I Gayatri we are using BeagleBoard REV C3 Board. We ported
ANDROID Operating Systems on BeagleBoard. In ANDROID there is no
access for serial port to interface ANALOGICS GPRS MODEM to the
BeagleBoard. Instead of using serial port I used USB-Serial converter
(pl2303) by using that i interfaced the Modem still Modem is not
responding. PLZ help me in interfacing plz tell me your valuable


regarding ANALOGICS GPRS MODEM interface with BeagleBoard

by ms12 » Mon, 07 Jun 2010 21:33:59 GMT

 Which port does the converter show up on?  Typically something like /
dev/ttyUSB0.  Then put something like this in the init.rc

service ril-daemon /system/bin/rild -l /system/lib/
-- -d {your serial port}
    socket rild stream 660 root radio
    socket rild-debug stream 660 radio system
    user root
    group radio cache inet misc

In my case, {your serial port} was /dev/ttyUSB1.



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