regarding audio chat on android

by Harishkumar V » Sat, 11 Apr 2009 14:45:39 GMT

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 Dear All,

Is android have any audio chat software being ported to test with in LAN.
Any link available on this, how to port audio chat on android. any links to
guide this.

How to develop audio chat on android...

Thanks and Regards,



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Do you know much about the data storage on Android? I know a specific path is 
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Subject: [android-developers] Re: Need help on supporting IGMP protocol

Keep in mind that Android is a software platform that is designed to
run on a variety of hardware. That being said, remember that most
mobile devices have very limited internal memory by desktop/server
standards. Its likely that not all Android devices will have an SD

You can store anything you want on an SD card, if present. The
SQLiteDatabase class (
) takes a path argument when creating a new database. On Android you
can access the SD card at /sdcard . Keep in mind that things on the SD
card are generally world readable, which means items stored here can
be read by other applications.

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