detect devices running same app OTA

by RthrBe » Wed, 02 Jun 2010 07:24:48 GMT

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 Hello everybody,

I'm starting thinking about a new app to use Android 2.2 new features.
But I'm not completely sure this cousl be possible. Therefore I need
your lights about it.
I'll explain.

I would like to develop an app where a device can detect another phone
using the same app  to initiate - if owners are OK of course - data
exchange OTA.
I'm not sure about the best approach / architecture to do so.
Is Wifi tethering (with both a client and a server) could be the best
way ? But I'm worried about the performance / ressource impact of the

If someone has tips or experience to shar, you're welcome !!

Thanks for your help !

Arthur B.


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