I do vs I don't care

by Agung Wijanarko » Fri, 22 Jan 2010 00:49:00 GMT

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 This is something fun to watch

Verizone Droid say: I do...

Then Apple says: I don't care...

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ISATDROID is simply irresistable 


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I don't think this has anything to do with Linux or Mac. repo/git are very
new tools for a lot of people :-)

Provided that you configured your build with something like:

. build/envsetup.sh
lunch generic-eng

then a simple "emulator" after a succesful build will automatically launch
the emulator with the just-built system image.

the .repo directory is created by the "repo init" command that you should
have launched to intialize your repository.
I can only conjecture that you didn't get the sources through the
recommended ways. If that is the case, You should
really try to follow the instructions here<http://source.android.com/download>

after that, there will be a .repo/manifest.xml file (which you should not
touch). You should be able to add a new
file named .repo/local_manifest.xml then do a "repo sync" to get some
missing pieces, then rebuild.

Hope this helps


2. Building Cupcake on Mac & deploying on my ADP1

Hi all,

I am trying to setup my Mac OSX (Mac Mini) to build and deploy the
Cupcake source code and deploy the built images on my ADP1 device.

I must admit - I am no Linux guy, so a bit slow on understanding the
various instructions.

My problem - I was somehow able to get the sources down to my Mac, and
even run a successful MAKE.

But - got stuck there (could not figure out how to run the built
images on the emulator).

So I decided to be brave and compile & install on my ADP1 device.
[B]This is where I am stuck:[/B]

In the explanation at the Google site, they claim there should be a
".Repo" directory holding a file called "manifest.xml" in it, and that
I should download and add to that directory a file called

I can not find such a ".Repo" directory, and hence - dont know where
to put that file.

Any help would be highly appreciated !

Shimon Shnitzer

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