Reference Book

by Gooeagle » Thu, 25 Feb 2010 19:25:50 GMT

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Can anyone recommend please a good book/s on Android Kernel
Development? I can only find books on Application development but none
on Kernel development. I am particularly interested in how Android
applications interface with the Linux Kernel.



Reference Book

by Prokash Sinha » Thu, 25 Feb 2010 19:50:15 GMT

 You know that the kernel is Linux, so the first thing to look at is some
good books and / or sites for Linux kernel.

For applications, the books are for java developments ( mostly), so you can
always look at delvik virtual machine docs to dig deep, but that would not
help you for linux side of it.

For linux kernel modification and configurations, learn how to use the git /
repo, and how to configure the kernel, then try packaging it so that you can
upload to a real machine. The openmoko free runner group is you best choice,
since it does have reference platform, and people are actively working. They
also have built binaries that you can try to load onto a phone ...


> website: 

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