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 Where can I find information on available typos on Android Devices?
And maybe something on best practices?



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1. How to get the position of cursor in webview?

Dear all:

I am developing an application that could allow users to annotate in
webview page.

The concept is just like the software "Moon+ Reader" and "Dolphin
Browser"  that

could highlight, underline, and pop up a menu above the selected text.
Because the

function of "one touch word selection" is implemented in android 2.3,
I think that

they might edit from the source code. But I couldn't find where the
class is!

Could someone help me? Thanks!


2. services

I have a doubt about android services and how to properly use them. I
will formulate my question by firstly explaining a scenario of an
1) The application has to get current data of different sensors and
networks such as GPS, acceleration, orientation, magnetic field,
bluetooth/NFC stream, gsm/wifi network information etc.
2) There could be 1 or more data streams monitored at once at a
different rate, for example monitoring GPS data would be at much lower
rate than acceleration, however all the values will be related after
3) There are 2 modes: monitoring mode and recording mode. When using
the second one the application has to continue recording even after
main activity is finished(foreground service) until not terminated by
the user.

I would like to say that I have read all the documents on this and
also a lot of forums but didn't obtain any certain answers from that.
So I will divide this questions in some sub questions:

Q1) What is the bast way to do the monitoring part only which has to
share data between activities.
Option1: using parcelable objects to send between activities and
starting new Sensor/GPS Listeners on every new activity. (note that
there could be external blue tooth sensors which implies bluetooth
connection each time)
Option2: using a service which will collect all the data and current
statistics and share to activities

(Q2,3 and 4 are quite related.)

Q2) What is the best Service Approach in terms of stability and
performance (we don't want the service to get accidentally killed and
for example static variables lost).

Option1: Using a service on a separate thread using AIDL interface
Option2: Using a service on the same thread but start heavy processes
(such as bluetooth connection) on a separate thread inside the servise

Q3) What is the best way of communicating with a service
Option1: AIDL interface
Option2: callbacks to/from the service
Option3: Using a content observer
Option4: Using static variables in the service
Option5: Using messages

Q4) What is the best way of get announcements from a service
Option1: Callbacks from the service
Option2: Using a content observer
Option3: Using messages
Option4: Using Broadcasting

Again my aim is to consider for Stability and Performance, thus I am
looking for specific reasons why one method is better than the other.

Thank you for your help!


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