by mboehmer » Fri, 12 Nov 2010 18:49:49 GMT

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 Where can I find information on available typos on Android Devices?
And maybe something on best practices?



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Has anyone figured out what the following fields in the Market.App object represent? 19: 0 28: 1 I haven't seen any values except 0 for 19 and 1 for 28... but I haven't looked at all that many yet either. I'd like to know what they are because I'm building an app to be able manage the Market better from my desktop... (check for new comments... respond to comments... build a spreadsheet of daily downloads etc.. etc... ). Sincerely, Brad Gies ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Bistro Bot - Bistro Blurb http://bgies.com http://bistroblurb.com http://ihottonight.com http://forcethetruth.com ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Everything in moderation, including abstinence Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed. It is the only thing that ever has - Margaret Mead --

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I have a RadioGroup view inside a LinearLayout. The radio buttons are
added from dataList. If I call the code below from inside onCreate,
the correct button is checked. However the dataList can get updated
from time to time and after that happens I call this code again,
without destroying the Activity. After that, the view is redrawn but
no button is checked. I suspect the RadioGroup checked-button
bookkeeping is getting confused by the removeAllViews call. Any ideas
what might be going wrong?

                RadioGroup group = (RadioGroup) findViewById( 
R.id.radioListGroup );
                for( int i = 0 ; i < dataList.getCount() ; i++ ){
                        RadioButton button = new RadioButton (this);
                        if( dataList.getChosen() ) {


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