Android 91 assistant tool cannot connect to my EVB through USB?

by edwin.rong » Tue, 20 Jul 2010 16:59:40 GMT

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 Hi all,

The Android 91 assistant tool cannot connect to my EVB again once I
unplug USB cable while keep 91 assistant opened.
It seems that the issue happens on the adbd open thread, and it is
involved into the loop to open /dev/android_adb device, but the device
is protected by a lock, if the lock is not released, the looping will
not be interrupted, I also check the close function to close the
device, which is called actually, but the corresponding release method
in f_adb.c isn't invoked, it seems the close system call doesn't work.

Can anybody give some help?
Any suggestion will be appreciated.

BRs & Thanks


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