Using SDK 1.5 to build 1.1 apps?

by jsdf » Mon, 27 Apr 2009 22:22:10 GMT

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 Hi all,
I've been playing with the 1.5 SDK recently, and understand it
contains both 1.1 and 1.5 within.

The release notes contain this dire warning:
"Note: This is an early look SDK only. The tools and documentation are
not complete. The API reference documentation for the early look SDK
is provided only in the downloadable SDK package documentation for
this early look release is not available at .
To access the API reference for the early look SDK, see the
documentation in your SDK's docs/reference/ directory. "
( )

However, does this warning apply to building 1.1 applications using
this preview release for the Market?
Or, should I step back to the Android 1.1 SDK Release 1 to build my
apps for release?

(This question is triggered by my frustration in not being able to
upload a new version of one of my apps that use Maps as of this
weekend, whereby I constantly receive "The server could not process
your apk. Try again.", as described in this thread: 
, and I am somewhat scrounging for possible solutions now.)


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