OOT : iPhone4 Defect? Absolutely NO!!!

by Jafar Nauli » Thu, 15 Jul 2010 21:42:57 GMT

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1. Cannot sendBroadcast Intent to receiver which has permission.

hi All,

I created a broadcast receiver with permission as below,

  <receiver  android:name=".TestReceiverPermission"
                <action android:name="suku.TestReceiverPermission"

Also, In my Manifest file, I added uses permission ( <uses-permission

When I try to broadcast Intent, I'm getting the following error,

03-12 10:00:16.484: WARN/ActivityManager(1215): Permission Denial:
broadcasting Intent { act=suku.TestReceiverPermission } from
com.suku.HelloWorld (pid=1649, uid=10081) requires com.suku.test due to
receiver com.suku.HelloWorld/com.suku.HelloWorld.TestReceiverPermission

Any Idea why I'm getting this error?. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.



2. Activity lifecycle problem on Nexus One - onStop not called

Hi, there is an issue in 2.1 with the new launcher that causes the
onStop()/onDestroy() to be delayed longer than typical when going back to
home.  Note these are not delayed -forever-, but just until later in the
future (when the next activity switch happens).  These methods are defined
to happen at "some time in the future" so technically it is not really
broken, but this is certainly not the desired behavior here.  This will be
fixed in the next release.

Fwiw, this happened because the new launcher has a special surface view on
top of itself to display the 3d all apps, and this caused the window manager
to be confused and not realize that the app behind it had been hidden so it
could then be stopped/destroyed.


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