XML verification failed error

by curleesace » Sun, 23 May 2010 03:32:03 GMT

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 I have received the following error when trying to install packages
through the SDK and AVD manager tool:

XML verification failed for 
Error: The markup declarations contained or pointed to by the document
type declaration must be well-formed.

I have downloaded the latest versions of the Android SDK and AVD
manager (revision 5), Eclipse IDE for Java EE developers (version
1.2.2), and the ADT (0.9.6).  I have checked the Force https box in
the settings tab, I also have both an http and https version of the
same url.  I re-downloaded all components multiple times.

I am using Windows XP service pack 3.

Anything anyone could suggest would be extremely helpful.


XML verification failed error

by Xavier Ducrohet » Sun, 23 May 2010 04:35:04 GMT

 You should download rev 6 of the tools and ADT 0.9.7 (we just updated
them on the 20th).

What version of Java are you running?



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