Maps API Add-Ons Device Support?

by Daniel Lew » Sat, 10 Oct 2009 01:51:27 GMT

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I am designing an application for Android, and I was thinking of
adding Maps support ( 
apis/) to my application.  However, I don't want to add this if many
people with Android phones won't be able to use it.

I've found lists of devices and their API levels; however, is there a
list of devices and their compatibility with Google API add-ons?

Thank you,


Maps API Add-Ons Device Support?

by Aaron » Sat, 10 Oct 2009 04:54:29 GMT

 I haven't seen a list for google api compatability, however, the
google apis should work for *most* devices. The maps application can
be downloaded by anyone with a Google Experience phone, from the
market app now. The only time you're going to run into issues will be
anyone running an AOSP build, we don't have access to the official
market or gmaps app :)

I've installed apps requiring maps on hero roms, as well as the G1 and
MyTouch3G, so you should be safe for the vast majority of users.


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