Announcing OpenCORE 2.02 release

by GregS » Sun, 15 Mar 2009 11:43:21 GMT

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 OpenCORE 2.02 has been released and is now available on the master
branch.  There is a git tag "v2.02" marking the version.  Below is a
of the changes since the previous release (OpenCORE 2.1 = 2.01 in the
new nomenclature described below).  The same information is also now
included in the ChangeLog file in the top-level directory of the
OpenCORE code.

   There is minor version number nomenclature change where the
   minor version is now two digits.  So the previous releases
   in the new nomenclature are 2.00 (2.0) and 2.01 (2.1).  The
   new release is 2.02, which is a minor version increment beyond
   the previous release.

New Features
- AMR-WB support added to the OMX encoder node so that it can utilize
  an OMX AMR-WB encoder component if it is part of the OMX core.
- Buffer allocator mechanism allowing the Media I/O components to
  supply buffers to the OMX decoders.  This method is especially
  as an alternative way to allocate video buffers.  Details can be
  found in the new document "Guide to Supplying Decoder Buffers from
  the MIO Component" in the file
  in the top-level doc directory.

- Resolution of Valgrind and static analysis warnings in player and
- Improvements in support for .mov files in MP4 FF Parser(relaxed some
- Modified OMX encoder node to allow setting the AMR bitrate
  based on an extension interface value.
- Fix inconsistencies in OSCL find method related to inclusion of the
  directory name with the filename.
- Improvement in PVMFInfoErrorHandlingComplete in the player datapath
- Refactor of the Protocol Engine node to support a plugin
  This improves extensibility of the module for new features in the
- Introduce QueryInterfaceSync in PVMFNodeInterface and "all" metadata
- AMR NB and WB have conflicting meaning for frame_type and mode
- Change the default settings related to caching for Oscl_File when
  using PVFile within the fileformat parsers.
- Replace test.mp4 with interop clip
- Update of tests for support for progressive download of AMR
- OMX Khronos header files (Omx_Core.h, Omx_Component.h)
  changed to match that from the Khronos (previously they were all
- Updated MIO Developer's Guide in the top-level doc directory.

Bugs Fixed
- Memory leak when running GCF TC212 (2way-related)
- MediaClockConverter divided by zero caused by timescale 0
- MP4 composer node destructor memory corruption fixed.
- Fix for intermittent crash in player engine TC 105
- OMX dec node did not reset all the internal state during
  Reset processing.


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