premultiplied alpha

by hackerEnthusiast » Thu, 09 Apr 2009 20:44:23 GMT

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 Hey there,

Is it possible to have the android framework output unmultiplied
alpha? If so, could it be done in the current framework by simply
changing the config? I understand that this change would mean a big
hit in performance, just wondering how flexible is the current
framework. Thanks!

premultiplied alpha

by Mike Reed » Mon, 13 Apr 2009 13:33:32 GMT

 As you say, there is a performance hit, but today you can get this by
calling Bitmap.getPixels(). It always returns unpremultiplied pixels.
If you want the system to native draw in unpremul, that's a
different/harder story.

On Thu, Apr 9, 2009 at 4:44 PM, hackerEnthusiast


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