Will Android ever take off to compete with iPhone?

by Josh Steiner » Wed, 04 Mar 2009 05:07:32 GMT

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 Recently I saw mobile browser marketshare numbers here:


in the last month android has gained 1% more of the market (from 5% to 6%)
and is nearly tied with winmo.  Now, web marketshare is not strictly
analogous to handset marketshare, but it does establish that people are
using their g1's a lot, and the trendline is strongly upward.


I'd suggest that Android has a crtain level of momentum. The 2 devices
we have definite release dates for are not in my opinion, what your
average consumer would forgo an iPhone for. The devices you want to be
thinking about, will be being released later in the year. From HTC,
Samsung, Sony Ericsson and others.

It is very difficult for a manufacturer to differentiate themselves on
the Android platform without doing quite a lot of work, where is HTC's
Touch Flo, in development I'm sure, along with branded applications
from Sony Ericsson and Samsung along with others which will help their
devices to stand out from the cloud of clones.

Having open source mobile os' around like Android and Symbian which
allow any device manufacturer to get in on the game makes it
imperative for the big boys to raise their game. Otherwise there's no
reason to buy their devices (barring highly superior hardware which
only works for their top of the line models).

Just my thoughts

rather than iPhone f...


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