M8 Wlan/SGOLD2 initialization

by r3wDy » Mon, 18 Jan 2010 16:03:02 GMT

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 Hi folks.
the m8 guy is back an needs some help on linx/driver development.
We got android running on m8 with 2.6.27 kernel (even dualboot woth
windows ce :P). But alle the hardware stuff isnt running, because we
are ran against a wall.
The wlan chip is connected through spi and we have problems geting a
real spi busmater to run. The 6410 has real spi ports so no bitbang is
used (i think).
Has anybody got the spi ports running on this SoC? Any helps/tips
would be appriciated.

Further the m8 has a SGOLD2 baseband.
i tried just opening com1 on linux, sending AT to it but it didnt
answered. I used minicom.
We could retrieve from the windows ce registry that com1 is used (at
least under windows).
So is anybody here who has done an initialization for this baseband
already? Are there any gpios to be set befor i can use it? Its more
important to know if anybody can say that there are some gpios to be
set or not, i dont suspect that anybody knows which :)
Or any informations on how this is done normaly on other basebands
would be nice too.

We could rip this out of the mux0710 dll from the wce firmware
Its the ResetRadio function i think which does the magic i think. Will
the modem answer before i set AT+IPR??

<init comstate struct>
EscapeCommFunction 5 (Sends the DTR (data-terminal-ready) signal.)
SetCommMask E1 (1110 0001) EV_ERR | EV_BREAK | EV_RLSD | EV_RXCHAR

Call ResetRadio (function)

sprintf AT+IPR=230400
EscapeCommFunction 4 (Clears the RTS (request-to-send) signal.)
sleep 0x64
EscapeCommFunction 3 (Sends the RTS (request-to-send) signal)
WriteFile (At command -> com)

Sleep 0x2bc
(mov r3 38400) seems baudrate setting
Sleep 0x3E8

sprintf AT+XPOW=4,200,0
EscapeCommFunction 4 (Clears the RTS (request-to-send) signal.)
sleep 0x64
EscapeCommFunction 3 (Sends the RTS (request-to-send) signal)
WriteFile (AT->com)

To be honest i have no clue about this nor i have done anything
similar :( And just andriod without even the basic telephone functions
is worthless.
Any help would be appriciated !

M8 Wlan/SGOLD2 initialization

by tommy tommy » Mon, 18 Jan 2010 16:09:07 GMT

 check git linux-2.6-samsung
2010/1/18 r3wDy <derrd...@gmail.com>

> website: 

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