Flashing a spannable or textview when data changes

by jsdf » Tue, 03 Mar 2009 09:52:41 GMT

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 Hi all,
I released a program that (for now) simply outputs data that is pulled
from a web API, which it polls at regular intervals.
The data is output in a Gridview, where each row contains a
LinearLayout with multiple TextViews.  The updated value is in the
second TextView, in a Spannable.

My question is: when I update the data, is there a way I can tell
either the TextView or the Spannable to flash and notify the user that
the data has been updated?  I would like it to flash orange for some
amount of time then go back to the default state (though I'm not picky
about how it flashes).

Is this a method/feature that is already done, or do I need to get
fancy with threads?


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