Sendal sapa nih?

by riswan christianto » Wed, 17 Mar 2010 13:53:53 GMT

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 Hah? Itu bikin kang?

Kerennn euy! Bisa pake kondangan nih

Saking tjinta matee sam robot ijo


Lucky Sebastian



Sendal sapa nih?

by iskandar dinoto » Wed, 17 Mar 2010 14:02:38 GMT

 Wakakaka aya aya wae...

 hahahahaha mantab benar deh kang lucky, saking cinta sampai buat
merchandise sandalnya.


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1. In-App Billing: Blank data received after purchase

I'm trying to implement In-App Billing. I'm signed into a test account
registered with the Market, and I've updated my public key in the
code. I can purchase one of the test product IDs.

However, it appears that a blank signature is sent in the
PURCHASE_STATE_CHANGED intent. The log appears as such:

    INFO/BillingReceiver(21437): notifyId: android.test.purchased
    WARN/ActivityManager(2513): Duplicate finish request for
    INFO/BillingService(21437): handleCommand() action:
    DEBUG/BillingService(21437): GetPurchaseInformation
    ERROR/BillingService(21437): getPurchaseInformation received
    DEBUG/BillingService(21437): request id: 4241021538346688898
    INFO/BillingService(21437): handleCommand() action:
    DEBUG/BillingService(21437): RequestPurchase: RESULT_OK
    INFO/BillingService(21437): handleCommand() action:
    INFO/Security(21437): signedData:
    INFO/Security(21542): signature:
    INFO/Security(21437): Purchase not verified
    INFO/Security(21437): Purchase count = 0
    INFO/BillingService(21437): handleCommand() action:
    DEBUG/BillingService(21437): GetPurchaseInformation: RESULT_OK

The "Purchase not verified" is due to the code skipping the signature
verification (because it is blank) and tossing out that product

Any idea? I don't see in the docs anywhere that the signature could be
blank or what the reason would be.

FWIW, this only happens on my Samsung Vibrant Galaxy S (2.2.1). It
works fine on a Droid (2.2.2).

EDIT: When I get the PURCHASE_STATE_CHANGED Intent as the result of a
restore transactions operation, I get this instead in the logs:

    INFO/BillingService(24010): handleCommand() action:
    ERROR/Security(24010): data is null

This indicates that no signed payload was sent at all.


2. Media Scanner failing on

I posted this over on StackOverflow weeks ago, but not even a nibble -
hoping someone here has seen this or has any suggestions.

I have an app that user's can draw with, and then 'export' that
drawing as a .png file to external storage, if present. Generating the
PNG, copying the file to external all work like a charm, but a rather
unique problem happens; after the export, if the user navigates to the
image via My files (Samsung Tab running 2.2 in this case), they can
see the .png file, but when they open it, the screen is black for
about 10 seconds... then they see the image, Additionally, the images
don't show up in the user's 'Gallery' app either.

Now, if the user connects the device to the computer via USB, or
reboots the device, they can access the images no problem from My
files, and they appear in 'Gallery' from that point forward, but
again, any newly esported files experience the same problems until
they cycle/connect the device again.

My thinking was that this had to be related to the Media Scanner (at
least in the case of the 'Gallery' problem, it most certainly is).

So, as I am targetting Api 8+, I am trying to use the static
MediaScannerConnection.scanFile() method to have the OS re-scan and
add my images into the Gallery, etc. Also hoping this solves the issue
of the strange delay in opening the images.

Looking at LogCat, I have this related to the MediaScanner:

DEBUG/MediaScannerService(2567): IMediaScannerService.scanFile: /mnt/
sdcard/MyApp mimeType: null
DEBUG/MediaScannerService(2567): onStartCommand : intent - Intent
{ (has extras) }
DEBUG/MediaScannerService(2567): onStartCommand : flags [0], startId
DEBUG/MediaScannerService(2567): ServiceHandler:handleMessage
volume[null], filePath[/mnt/sdcard/MyApp]
DEBUG/MediaProvider(2567): getSdSerial() sd state = removed
INFO/Database(2567): sqlite returned: error code = 17, msg = prepared
statement aborts at 43: [SELECT DISTINCT sd_serial FROM images WHERE
sd_serial LIKE 'external_0x%']
ERROR/MediaProvider(2567): removeMediaDBData called
DEBUG/MediaScanner(2567): prescan enter: path - /mnt/sdcard/MyApp
DEBUG/MediaScanner(2567): prescan return

So, it looks like the MediaScanner is getting the correct location,
but is failing to find the SD card, which is correct, and failing. The
Samsung Tab has built-in non-SD external storage, which Android gives
access to via Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory(). How do I tell
it to scan the non-SD storage?

Note that I also get this exact error on the emulator, and manually
invoking the media scanner from the Dev Tools solves the issues of the
exported images being properly recognized.

Any ideas how to proceed?


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