Adb server problem

by Atish » Thu, 18 Dec 2008 01:26:39 GMT

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 Hi i am new to android.Sometimes while running the emulator i get this
error.I don't know what to do.I restart eclipse 3/4 times.Sometimes it
works sometimes it takes even 15/20 times.What is permanent solution
for this???i even tried kill adb server by adb kill-server.But it was
of no use.

Connection Failure when starting to monitor device 'emulator-5554' :
device (emulator-5554) request rejected:
[2008-12-17 18:13:30 - DeviceMonitor]Failed to start monitoring
[2008-12-17 18:13:31 - DeviceMonitor]Adb connection Error:An existing
connection was forcibly closed by the remote host
[2008-12-17 18:13:32 - DeviceMonitor]Connection attempts: 1
[2008-12-17 18:13:34 - DeviceMonitor]Connection attempts: 2


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