access parent's protected variable when extend a android class!

by » Tue, 10 Mar 2009 16:48:43 GMT

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 I liked to extend a Gallery widget class, so I tried to extend and
I faced the problem of using protected variable.

this is a Gallery source
    protected void onLayout(boolean changed, int l, int t, int r, int
b) {
        super.onLayout(changed, l, t, r, b);
         * Remember that we are in layout to prevent more layout
request from
         * being generated. [android comment]
        mInLayout = true;
        layout(0, false);
        mInLayout = false;
and I changed
protected void onLayout (boolean changed, int l, int t, int r, int b)
    super.onLayout (changed, l, t, r, b);
    mInLayout = true;
    MyLayout (0, false);
    minLayout = false;

I build.. and result is
android/launcher/ mInLayout is not public in
android.widget.AdapterView; cannot be accessed from outside package
        mInLayout = true;
the result log mean that I can't accessed the protected variable
mInLayout from outside package. I think I can access a parent's
protected variable when extending class in Object oriented
programming theory. am I wrong? and is there a good solution to access
a parent's protected variable?


access parent's protected variable when extend a android class!

by Jon Colverson » Tue, 10 Mar 2009 23:22:24 GMT


You're correct that a subclass can access its parent's protected
variables, but if you look at the AdapterView source: ;a=blob;f=core/java/android/widget/;h=173e80f54f75ee3051ac8e774ce18b4c9338eea8;hb=HEAD

you can see that mInLayout isn't actually protected, it has default
(package) visibility. I'm not sure what the solution is for your
particular problem.



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access parent's protected variable when extend a android class!

by » Thu, 12 Mar 2009 09:41:39 GMT

 thanks Jon Colverson.
I can see also that mInLayout isn't actually protected, it has
but when I build, build log tell me that I cannot access mInLayout
from outside package
please. help me!! nobody know the reason?


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