HTC Hero Sprint 2n

by Deska Affif » Thu, 22 Apr 2010 20:09:31 GMT

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 Karena HTC Eris udah laku, mau lepas Android CDMA yang satu lagi :)
- HTC Hero Sprint.
Harga NETT: *Rp 3,3jt*

Kondisinya bisa dibilang 90% aja karena dah dipakai sekitar 2-3 bulanan.
Kelengkapan cuma handset, charger dan kabel data (dulu beli dari baru juga

Bonus: *Casing* *Silicone Jelly* :)

Lokasi: Jakarta Barat (Home) & Jakarta Selatan (Office).
COD kalau weekdays di Mall Ambasador atau Senayan City, weekend di Mall
Citraland atau Mall Taman Anggrek.

Japri: **
Nomor telepon ada di Sigy.

Admin & Mods, makasih jalumnya :)

Deska Affif
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1. Start ACTION_CALL activity from service on Motorola Milestone

I have a problem with starting ACTION_CALL activity from my service on
Motorola Milestone after upgrade to 2.1 - update1 firmware version.

I have a very simple (worked before) code.

Intent dialIntent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_CALL, Uri.parse("tel://"
+ dialOutNumber));

Now looks like InCallScreen "hangs up" after set audio mode or
ActivityManager "blocks" InCallScreen activity
The phone does call, but the screen is black and locked.

If I start ACTION_CALL activity from my activity - all right.

Looks at the log:

07-01 00:42:39.617: INFO/ActivityManager(1282): Starting activity:
Intent { act=android.intent.action.CALL dat=tel:5247519 flg=0x10000000 }
07-01 00:42:39.664: DEBUG/PhoneUtils(6381):
checkAndCopyPhoneProviderExtras: some or all extras are missing.
07-01 00:42:40.679: DEBUG/InCallScreen(6381): placeCall()...  intent =
Intent { act=android.intent.action.CALL dat=tel:5247519 flg=0x10800000 (has extras) }
07-01 00:42:40.679: DEBUG/InCallScreen(6381):
checkIfOkToInitiateOutgoingCall: ServiceState = 0
07-01 00:42:40.679: DEBUG/PhoneUtils(6381): placeCall: '5247519'...
07-01 00:42:40.710: DEBUG/PhoneUtils(6381): ===> phone.dial()
returned:  incoming: false state: DIALING post dial state: NOT_STARTED
07-01 00:42:40.710: DEBUG/PhoneUtils(6381):
07-01 00:42:40.710: DEBUG/AudioHardwareMot(1055):
07-01 00:42:40.710: DEBUG/AudioHardwareMot(1055): AudioMgr:setMode
07-01 00:42:40.710: INFO/MYPhoneService(6437): Telephony OFFHOOK
Here the screen is black and locked ~ 3 min. Only status panel
available. Call ends. After some timeout see InCallScreen... If start
from the Activity - the InCallScreen apears right after call start.
07-01 00:45:14.031: DEBUG/InCallScreen(6381): placeCall:
PhoneUtils.placeCall() succeeded for regular call '5247519'.
07-01 00:45:14.031: DEBUG/DTMFTwelveKeyDialer(6381): closeDialer()...
07-01 00:45:14.031: DEBUG/DTMFTwelveKeyDialer(6381): clearDigits()...
07-01 00:45:14.031: DEBUG/PhoneApp(6381): updateProximitySensorMode:
state = OFFHOOK
07-01 00:45:14.031: DEBUG/PhoneApp(6381): updateProximitySensorMode:
lock already released.
07-01 00:45:14.031: DEBUG/PhoneApp(6381): isInDockMode bInDockMode
is : false
07-01 00:45:14.039: DEBUG/StatusBar(1282): DISABLE_EXPAND: yes

I can send full log, but it is really big.

Thanks, in advance.


2. ContextMenu Problem - how to resolve these menu items

I may be wrong but I don't think that item.getItemId refers to a resource
id...  I may be wrong though because I have never create a menu via XML
(though I do almost all other layouts in XML).  I usually do the menus in

What I do is create a constant int variable such as:

protected static int CONTEXT_MENU_FACEBOOK_ID = 0;
protected static int CONTEXT_MENU_YOUTUBE_ID = 1;

When I create the context menu (in code) I assign the item id's that I
defined above. And then I would have my comparisons as follows:

 if (item.getItemId() == CONTEXT_MENU_FACEBOOK_ID)
     //TODO open fb
    return true;
else if (item.getItemId() == CONTEXT_MENU_YOUTUBE_ID)
     //TODO open youtube
    return true;

There are only 10 types of people in the world...
Those who know binary and those who don't.


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