by salman faris » Wed, 10 Feb 2010 07:10:01 GMT

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 pagi semua...salam kenal yah...perkenalkan newbie baru nih asal

saya ma temen saya lg penasaran buat make ANDROID
so sesuai judul WTB :
1. (1 unit) HTC HERO gsm/ HERO cdma fullset, mulus
2. (1 unit) HTC MAGIC 32a...klo bs yg dah HERO punya os.nya

mohon petunjuk dan infonya ya, klo bs sih ada fotonya jg.

diutamakan surabaya ya, biar gmpng transaksinya.
oh iya klo bisa harganya yg murah ya

ditunggu all. thx.
salam damai slalu.


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I use the GroupMembership Uri to find which people belong to a desired
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I use the folowing Content Provider Request :

private static final String[] PROJECTION_GROUP_MEMBER= new String[]
{Contacts.GroupMembership._ID, Contacts.GroupMembership.GROUP_ID,
Contacts.GroupMembership.PERSON_ID, GroupMembership.GROUP_SYNC_ID};

String whereGroupId = Contacts.GroupMembership.GROUP_ID+"=?";

Cursor c = cr.query(GroupMembership.CONTENT_URI,
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This worked well untill that morning.

Now, this cursor always get me c.getCount = 0 and c.moveToFirst() =
false on my Htc Magic but not on the Emulator.

I do several tests :
   1- I saw what's going on if i change my where clause by :
              - whereGroupId = Contacts.GroupMembership.PERSON_ID
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              - whereGroupId = Contacts.GroupMembership.GROUP_SYNC_ID
+"=?";  - WORK FIND - Display all the persons belonged to that group
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