GPS application gets killed on screen timeout

by sagar » Mon, 13 Apr 2009 12:03:54 GMT

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 Hi ,

I can see on OMAP zoom2 platform, the moment screen timeout happens my
application is getting terminated. I have a Google map based LBS
application which is running on Zoom. I have implemented the
interfaces given in gps.h to libhardware_legacy/gps.cpp .

GPS application talks to android framework and Framework talks to
libhardware to get the GPS info. Now I can see that the moment screen
timeout happens and the display goes off, my application killed.
Actually from the framework the stop interface (hgps_stop() )  gets
called on screen timeout.

I am wondring why this is happening, as I am not sending any stop
request form my GPS application to the libhardware.

Is it something related to Android power manager, that android Power
manager does not know about my application is running?

Thanks and regards,


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