Can test a custom rom on emulator?

by Crown » Mon, 28 Jun 2010 23:39:18 GMT

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 i can test a custom rom on emulator??i am beginner on rom developer,
and i want know if a make a custom rom i can test in a emulator..


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i find that init process will periodically check all of the service,
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this may cause something wrong:

in the init.rc script
service dhcpcd /system/bin/dhcpcd eth0

and i modified it like this

service dhcpcd /system/bin/dhcpcd eth0

but everytime i open the wifi,the system will fork a new dhcpcd
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 677 root         0 DW<  [SDIO Helper]
 679 root         0 DW<  [SDIO Helper]
 681 root       724 S    /system/bin/sh
 682 1000       796 S    /system/bin/servicemanager
 683 root      1824 S    /system/bin/mountd
 685 root       652 S    /system/bin/de{*filter*}d
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 694 root      3328 S    /sbin/adbd
 697 root      1592 S    /sbin/getty ttyMSM2 115200 vt100
 722 1000      165m S    system_server
 771 root       732 S    /system/bin/sh -
 773 1001     97660 S
 937 1000      104m R
 997 1014       732 S    /system/bin/dhcpcd eth0
1086 1014       764 R    /system/bin/dhcpcd eth0
2575 root      1860 S    /system/bin/wpa_supplicant -Dwext -ieth0 -c/
2622 1014       692 S    /system/bin/dhcpcd eth0
2624 10001    93544 S
2637 root      1596 R    ps

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