HelloWorld problems

by maciejg » Wed, 29 Apr 2009 15:04:12 GMT

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I've just installed the SDK and followed the instructions in 'Hello
World' section. Although everything seemed fine Eclipse keep returning
the 'Failed to find an AVD compatible with target 'Android 1.5'.
Launch aborted.' error.
I have created the AVD with 'android create avd --target 1 --name
myavd' command as instructed.

After running the 'android list avd' command I noticed that an AVD
with Android 1.1 is the only one available. I did create another
project and used the Android 1.1 and everything seems to work. But the
questions are: shall I change the AVD to 1.5? How? Why the default is

Thanks in advance for any replies.


HelloWorld problems

by peter.kullm...@googlemail.com » Thu, 30 Apr 2009 02:05:51 GMT


Probably, because there isn't one.

Well, yes, the one you created. If you want to see the available
*targets*, use

android list targets

But you still have to create an avd for that target to have one

You can either change the API level of your failing app to 1.1 in the
properties dialog of the project or use an appropriate avd which is
created by

android create avd --target 3 --name myavd-1.5



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