Since Cupcake, do other people get weird browser behavior?

by » Wed, 13 May 2009 16:21:11 GMT

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 - Browser scrolls to top of screen intermittently
- On clicking link, feels like navigated to next page but actually
just scrolled back to top of current page

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The internet browser works very slowly inside the emulator for Android 2.1
I tried using -netfast switch also while launching the emulator, but it
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The same websites when i open in my Browser from my desktop , it opens very
fast, and the same website inside emulator opens very slowly.
Also i get only 2 towers on the network strength indicator in my emulator.
Is there any way to improve the network signal inside the emulator?

I have also noticed that emulator would get the network only if i am
connected to the internet, else it gives no signal
I am trying to simulate a very simple sms message sending and receving
between two instances of emulators opened on 2 AVD.
The message sending is successful only if my internet connection is on
before i launch the emulator, else it gives no Service and message is not
I have noticed that a DNS SERVER NOT FOUND warning comes if i try to launch
the emulator with my internet connection switched off.

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sendDataMessage(String destinationAddress, String scAddress, short
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