Touching an object in a tweened animation?

by Michael » Fri, 23 Apr 2010 02:59:30 GMT

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 I'm having trouble porting a simple game I developed for the iPhone
over to Android. The game has an animated ball which moves from Point
A to Point B. The user must touch the ball before it reaches point B
or lose the game. This was easy to implement on the iPhone using Core
Animation since I could locate the current position of the ball by
accessing its animation layer. In Android, I attempted to recreate the
game using tweened animation and represented the ball as a Drawable.
My issue is that I can't determine if the user is touching the spot
because the Drawable apparently bounds do not update as the ball
visually moves - making the program think the ball is always in its
original position. While searching these forums I saw an Android team
dev. confirm that you can't get the current location in a tweened
animation but offered no solution for a workaround. Can I accomplish
this on the Android using my current approach? If not, what approach
should I use?

Best regards,


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