New gmail account cannot use gtalk service?

by Kevin Tan » Sat, 19 Jul 2008 06:22:06 GMT

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I want setup two emulators communicating with each other on the same
Windows Vista machine. So I setup a new gmail account
yesterday and put both as contacts to each other.

I was able to send a message to myself  with my old gmail account
in the same emulator.

But when I use the new account to send message to myself, log cat
shows this:

"sendDataMessage: can't find the full JID for [EMAIL PROTECTED],
failed to send message"

Does anyone knows what is the deal here?

A seperate question, in vista, do I need to setup my second emulator
to communicate with the first emulator? I just copied the
file in androidhome\tools\lib and rename it to newdata.img. then use
"emulator -data newdata.img" to start the second emulator. I could
even send a message to myself with my old gmail account.

I followed the instructions here.

New gmail account cannot use gtalk service?

by Kevin Tan » Sat, 19 Jul 2008 12:34:17 GMT

 Just to follow up on this.

I still don't understand why my new gmail account cannot send message
to itself via the gtalk data message sender sample while my old
account can. Thinking of borrowing a friend's gmail account if i can't
find the answer tonight.

But, I was able to run two emulators and at least get both to send
message to my old account.
I started both emulators using command line.

While in the below scenario, I started an emulator from eclipse in
debug mode and one from the command line. The command line emulator
just doesn't work quite right for some reason.

> here.

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