Random complete loss of database on Droid only

by Jonas Petersson » Thu, 22 Apr 2010 14:20:34 GMT

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 (long)time(!C);  // ;-)

I have no real clue to offer, but I can say that my Milestone (which is 
pretty much the same as a Droid) has had no problems what so ever with 
your app. The initial 2.0 had plenty of other issues of which most were 
fixed in 2.0.1. Mine is UK registered so I've not got my 2.1 yet (should 
be any day now since I can see FR and ES users already have it).

My main remaining issue with the Milestone is that it will occasionally 
hang or reboot, typically either while playing Bebbled or just after 
I've used the debugger and unplugged (while the debugger was still 
active). I guess such a crash COULD break your database if it is being 
written to at the time.

                        Best / Jonas


Random complete loss of database on Droid only

by Chander Pechetty » Thu, 22 Apr 2010 15:02:13 GMT

 Interesting, I had filed an issue earlier with my G1 crashing
occasionally when playing bebbled; wonder if they are related ( to
cosmic rays :-)


There is a lengthy discussion on loss of database at

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