Custom installation

by Vladyslav Namashko » Fri, 02 Apr 2010 15:22:08 GMT

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 Hi all,

Is there a possibility to create custom installation for android app
with possibilities to:
1) include user agreement in the installation procedure
2) make one installation for two .apk packages, that should be
installed successively in appropriate order.

I think it's possible to create another app for installation, which
should be just show agreement text and them install .apk one by one,
but is there another way?



Custom installation

by Mark Murphy » Fri, 02 Apr 2010 19:19:20 GMT


No, not using the SDK. You will need to display the user agreement when
the application is run and not let the user proceed in the application
until they accept the agreement.

No, not using the SDK. An APK is an APK -- an APK is not two APKs. You
can have an APK download another APK and ask to have it installed, but
the user will then need to go through the screens to review and accept
that second installation, and you will have two entries in the user's
"Manage Applications" list.

You could also have an APK have another APK inside of it (e.g., in
assets/), but then you will be taking up a *lot* of extra on-board flash
space, which will not make you popular. And, the user will still need to
go through the screens to review and accept that second installation,
and you will still have two entries in the user's "Manage Applications"

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Custom installation

by Chris Ross » Fri, 02 Apr 2010 23:48:58 GMT


  Not that I'm sure of this, but couldn't there be an application that did the 
installation, and after installing the one or two APK's packaged within it, it 
could then delete itself?  That would avoid the "extra flash space usage" issue.

  There would still be the issue of having to interact with the user for the 
later installation(s), but...

                    - Chris


Custom installation

by Mark Murphy » Fri, 02 Apr 2010 23:58:51 GMT


I am not aware of a way for an application to delete itself. You can
remove yourself from the launcher by disabling that activity, but you're
still installed.

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