How to run Sample instrumentation test applications ?

by vrukesh » Mon, 11 May 2009 14:42:11 GMT

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We are exploring to run the Instrumentation tests for Android 1.1 r1.

On the ARM-based target, Applications Apidemos.apk and
ApiDemosTests.apk are copied in /system/app location.

We run following command and got the error:



am instrument -w com.example# .android.apis/

usage: am [start|broadcast|instrument]
       am start -D INTENT
       am broadcast INTENT
       am instrument [-r] [-e <ARG_NAME> <ARG_VALUE>] [-p <PROF_FILE>]
                [-w] <COMPONENT>

       INTENT is described with:
                [-a <ACTION>] [-d <DATA_URI>] [-t <MIME_TYPE>]
                [-c <CATEGORY> [-c <CATEGORY>] ...]
INSTRUMENTATION_STATUS: Error=Unable to find instrumentation info for:
INSTRUMENTATION_STATUS: id=ActivityManagerService
                [-e|--es <EXTRA_KEY> <EXTRA_STRING_VALUE> ...]
                [--ez <EXTRA_KEY> <EXTRA_BOOLEAN_VALUE> ...]
                [-e|--ei <EXTRA_KEY> <EXTRA_INT_VALUE> ...]
                [-n <COMPONENT>] [-f <FLAGS>] [<URI>]

What are we missing ?

Thanks and Regards,

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