Paging alex bong.

by Tio.Ping. » Sat, 27 Feb 2010 13:21:14 GMT

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 Numpang jalum ya guys :D 

Lex,kl mantau telp gw.

Yes-mobile: 021-6013574


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1. Broken OpenGL texture output after resuming the app

I've run into a very strange problem regarding OpenGL texture outputs,
which only occurs when the app is resumed (particularly when leaving
after pressing Home, and going back into the app).

I'm not sure how or why, but it appears to be that it's reading
bitrate of the pixels incorrect, or something else entirely.
Furthermore, this issue only occurs on the device itself (testing on
my G1/Dream), not on the emulator.

Code as well as example screenshots in the zip file show exactly what
I'm talking about. And to completely replicate the issue I've included
the 2D sprite object framework I've developed for OpenGL so the
situation is exactly the same as what I've run across when developing
my game, so if it's somehow an issue in my framework you may be able
to spot it.

Here is the link to a test example project with included screenshots:

I've been told this may be a bug in the device's openGL driver, but we
can't be sure until further testing and analysis is done.

Another important thing to note (with extensive debugging on my part,
and visually noticeable) is after resuming the app, the texture draws
correctly on the first frame; after that the texture is 'broken'. Any
thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

Also, this has been tested on multiple ROMs, including HTC ADP 1.5,
first T-Mobile OTA 1.5, and latest T-Mobile OTA 1.5.


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