Setting empty text on listView that does not have @+android:list as its ID?

by Lee » Thu, 10 Sep 2009 09:25:12 GMT

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 I've got a tabhost that has a number of tabs that all contain a
ListView (among other widgets).

I need to address each ListView separately and so they all have a
unique ID that is not @+android:list.

How does one define the empty text for a list if the only way that it
can be done is through the assumption that the list will have an id of
@+id/android:list and the empty text @+id/android:empty


Setting empty text on listView that does not have @+android:list as its ID?

by Mark Murphy » Thu, 10 Sep 2009 09:33:15 GMT


For an empty list, just make the ListView be invisible
(setVisibility(View.INVISIBLE)) and make an associated TextView be
visible. Use FrameLayout (or RelativeLayout) so they can take up the
same space in the GUI, just one or the other being visible.

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