Call Log on HTC Hero

by Denis Souza » Wed, 09 Jun 2010 21:59:07 GMT

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I have an app that changes the number being called and updates the
call log after the call to keep the original number.
In the emulator (and on most devices) everything works fine but on the
HTC Hero I can't seem to update the number in the Call Log. I run an
update but nothing happens.

Until recently I was using Android 1.5 on the Hero and I could work
around this issue by deleting the log entry and creating a new one
with all the same data, but after upgrading to 2.1 I can still delete
the old entry but when I insert the new one the only info that gets
inserted are the phone number, call type and time of call. The contact
name and number type don't get saved and it always shows on the log as
an unknown number.

It sounds to me like HTC's sense UI breaks the call log somehow. Has
anyone seen this issue and has a workaround for it? Or is there
something I might be missing about the call log?
Ultimately it's a database, right? So there must be a way to do it if
I have access to the database.

Thanks in advance,
Denis Souza


Call Log on HTC Hero

by Mark Murphy » Wed, 09 Jun 2010 22:09:09 GMT


You do not have access to the database.

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Call Log on HTC Hero

by Denis Souza » Thu, 10 Jun 2010 00:57:11 GMT

 Ok, bad choice of words... still, I can generate requests to a the
call log's content provider. Does that mean that HTC likely replaced
the content provider with a buggy/restrictive version? If that's the
case would there be another way to change that data without root


Call Log on HTC Hero

by Mark Murphy » Thu, 10 Jun 2010 01:08:39 GMT


I have always considered CallLog to be read-only. It is only a matter of
time before somebody realizes the problems inherent in it being
read-write (e.g., forging outbound phone call records) and locks it
down. I am rather surprised the core Android team hasn't locked this
down yet.

However, given your apparent symptoms, it is likely that HTC replaced
it, and equally likely that the CTS doesn't test a read-write CallLog
very much.

Probably not.

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