Sqllite database join query

by yves...@gmail.com » Wed, 12 May 2010 14:37:16 GMT

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 Hi, I already use getContentResolver().query(uri, null, null, null,
null) to do a query. What if I have two databases, and I want to do
one query on two databases and get one data set back?



Sqllite database join query

by kamiseq » Thu, 13 May 2010 01:18:43 GMT

 use normal query from SQLiteOpenHelper like
Cursor cursor = this.query(statement, arguments); where arguments will
map to ? in your sql


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Sqllite database join query

by brucko » Thu, 13 May 2010 06:29:24 GMT

 Have a look at the SQLite website.

SQLite does have support for joining separate databases, but I am not
sure how it is done.


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