Fwd: Availability and installation

by Hazem Farahat » Wed, 08 Oct 2008 18:55:23 GMT

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From: Hazem Farahat <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Tue, Oct 7, 2008 at 8:56 PM
Subject: Availability and installation
To: android-beginners@googlegroups.com

Dear Androiders :-),
I have some questions it may not related to development but at least it
relates to Android,, Anybody knows if the HTC G1 will be available outside
US?? and if there is any approximate timing for an international release??

Another thing,, Can I somehow Install Android on a normal HTC Touc Pro for
example just remove the Windows mobile and install android?? any Idea???

Thanks in advance
Hazem Farahat
Tel: 010 7447783

Hazem Farahat
Tel: 010 7447783


Fwd: Availability and installation

by niksbin » Wed, 08 Oct 2008 19:47:22 GMT


There are a few ways you can get Android on your smartphone device.  I
have listed them below:

1.  You can use HaRET to 'load' the Android OS onto your device.
Currently, HaRET is at version 0.5 which is not that stable right
now.  Actually, I am interested in doing the same for my WM5 device (I
mean installing Android on my WM device).  But, personally, I will
probably wait until HaRET 1.0 is available so it is more likely to
work fine.  Here is a video on YouTube about installing HaRET 0.5:

2. You may want to wait until Google releases the source code for the
Android OS.  It should be available in a month or two.  At that time,
(hopefully Google is reads this) the Android OS source code will be
easy to install on existing devices (like have an installer feature
for it).  This creates a couple of opportunities:

      2a.  Existing devices will have the Android OS so developers
             will have a physical device to test their apps with and
             leverage their skills better for the upcoming Developer
             Challenge known as ADC II
             ( http://code.google.com/android/adc.html )

      2b.  Out of the box, Android is not ready for business users
             because those features (like Remote Desktop, Telnet
             client, etc) have not been created yet.  Therefore,
             having the code of the OS for developers to work with
             will allow them to work with features such as
             Remote Desktop, etc.

3.  As you may know, the first device that includes the Android OS
built-in is the T-Mobile G1 which is avail. Oct. 22nd (in the USA). I
have read that in India (for sure) and probably Europe will be
the G1 by the end of the year (2008; or early 2009).  So if you can,
you may want to get that if you have T-Mobile already or are willing
to switch to it.  If not, in a couple of months (probably
early Q1 2009) you will begin to see many more smartphones that have
the Android OS built-in.

Hope this helps.

Good luck,  :-)



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