which is the easiest market to make money from? (Nokia Ovi, iphone, Android).

by YuviDroid » Sat, 19 Jun 2010 03:11:16 GMT

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Probably Google can....but doesn't want to!!

2010/6/17 Tom Hublek <tom.huba...@gmail.com>

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1. Overlapping drawBitmap problem


I have a program in which the app's main view displays a small part of
a much larger area. The user has suitable controls (touch, directional
pad, etc) to pan around, much like Google Maps.

Since drawing is reasonably expensive (there are several layers to
compute & draw), the technique I've gone for is to draw to an
offscreen bitmap that's a bit larger than the screen, and then
drawBitmap() from that in the view's onDraw() method. When the user
pans the visible area, I want to scroll what's already been drawn, and
only redraw the part that's been brought into view, thus reducing the
amount of time spent drawing at the expense of more time blitting, on
the assumption that blitting is cheaper.

The trouble is that scrolling a bitmap - i.e. drawing it upon itself,
offset by some amount - fails when the direction is negative, i.e.
when the source address is linearly below the destination address and
the ranges overlap.

It's clear that the graphics driver uses a naive memcpy()
implementation that doesn't bother to check which direction copying
should be done. Having worked in low-level graphics on other platforms
my instinct is to consider this a platform bug, but am interested to
hear the opinions of more experienced Android/Linux developers.

(Incidentally I do have a workaround - to use two offscreen bitmaps
and switch between them - but I'm not exactly thrilled about it. :-)

Many thanks,

-- Reuben Harris


2. QualcommCameraHardware messages

Hi All,

I am getting a force close message with following
QualcommCameraHardware log messages when using takePicture method on
G1 camera:

ERROR/MemoryHeapBase: mmap(fd=18, size=8388608) failed (Invalid
ERROR/QualcommCameraHardware: pmem pool /dev/pmem_camera error: could
not create master heap!
ERROR/QualcommCameraHardware : initRaw X failed: error initializing

This error occurs after few clicks.

I also looked at the source code of QualcommCameraHardware provided at
following link:

Has anyone faced similar issues?


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