How do I stop getting emails?

by John Cross » Sat, 05 Sep 2009 00:25:18 GMT

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 I have done everything I can think of to stop getting emails from this group! 
When I reply to Unsubscribe it gets kicked back, when I press the Unsubscribe 
button on the website nothing happens, what do I have to do?


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1. Updating bionic linux kernel headers for arch-arm and arch-x86

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I have copied the latest omap-2.6.30 kernel headers to bionic/libc/
kernel/original and run the tools/ command.

This creates the clean linux headers under bionic/libc/kernel/common

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Best regards,



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Dear all:
        We are developing the multitouch framework for android system. Our
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So we will modify the multitouch driver and provide a to let the user program can listen some events,
like Zoom and Rotate! And the user program also can receive the
multitouch pointers to recogine the other gestures.

        The other work is to let the existing applicatons can support
multitouch gesture, like zoom event, without compling again. The
approach is to translate the Pointer Event to the Keyboard Event at
the driver layer because the user level program can't inject the
KeyEvent to other application due to security. For example, in the
synaptics driver, when detecting the zoom gesture, it will send the
KeyEvent to the keyboard device driver (/dev/input/event1). After the
browser receive the Menu+I Key combination, it will zoom in.

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anyone needs it?
        We are afraid that the android team do the same thing now. Does
anyone know whether the official android team add the multitouch
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