How do I stop getting emails?

by John Cross » Sat, 05 Sep 2009 00:25:18 GMT

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 I have done everything I can think of to stop getting emails from this group! 
When I reply to Unsubscribe it gets kicked back, when I press the Unsubscribe 
button on the website nothing happens, what do I have to do?


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   let's consider this: You have a list view that shows all emails in  
your mailbox, but just their subject and from information. When you  
click on a list item to launch an activity that shows the full mail.  
The latter view also contains the same subject and from information,  
rendered the same way as in the list view (e.g. the subject is bold  
when the mail is unread).

   How to do that in a sane way? Let's define a mail_row.xml with two  
TextViews that represent the subject and from. So far so good, but how  
can I re-use this description in the email_full.xml to prevent  

   Any ideas? If there isn't any sane way to do that, what would be  
the closest thing? A custom view?



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I have an AlertDialog with an OnKeyListener.  I need to find the
focused item when the Call key is pressed.
This AlertDialog also has an OnClickListener that works great - I get
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What I also want to do - is get the position of the currently
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I can detected the CALL key event in my handler - no problem.  But I
do not know how to get the item that had the focus when the key was

Here is my OnKey handler and some of the things I have used to try and
get info

    public boolean handleKeyPress(DialogInterface dialog, int keyCode,
KeyEvent event) {

        Log.d("keyPress", "handleKeyPress :
this.getSelectedItemPosition(): " + this.getSelectedItemPosition());
        Log.d("keyPress", "handleKeyPress : this.getSelectedItemId():
" + this.getSelectedItemId());

        AlertDialog ad = (AlertDialog)dialog;
        View fv = this.getCurrentFocus();
        if( fv != null ) {
             Log.d("keyPress", "handleKeyPress  : fv.getId(): " +

        ListView lv = this.getListView();
        if( lv != null ) {
            View fvC = lv.getFocusedChild();
            if( fvC != null ) {
                Log.d("keyPress", "handleKeyPress : fvC.getId(): " +
            int selectedPos = lv.getSelectedItemPosition();
            Log.d("keyPress", "handleKeyPress : selectedPos: " +

        return false;

Thanks for your help!


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