Help for the questions on adding avi parser node to opencore framework in Android OS

by Jing Deng » Mon, 21 Sep 2009 01:12:54 GMT

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 Hey everyone:

It's very embarrassed and so sorry to disturb you all for some
problems on Android developping.

I am working on adding avi parser node to opencore framework using avi
parser under the following dir (/fileformats/avi/parser) in Android-
The problems that beyond my solutions are as followed :

1. In avi parser node(which is my code) I need retrieve codec specific
data from avi parser through calling GetCodecSpecificData()function
(which is under /fileformats/avi/parser in Android-cup-cake).But all
the codec specific data is stored in STRD chunk which is an optional
chunk in avi file. So now the question is the player engine(opencore/
engines/player) need to codec specific data (will be used in dec
node),but maybe the avi file don't have the data.Can I use other
information instead of codec specific data.Would you like give me some
suggestion.And in mp4 files it return the VOL header,what is the
format of it ,and can i generate the structure by myself.

Thanks in any advance.  Best regards .




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