Exception happened in MediaRecorder

by Alex » Tue, 14 Apr 2009 13:01:36 GMT

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   From cupcake sourcecode, camrecorder can be implemented with
mediarecorder API, and the camrecorder has implemented in package/app/
Camera.  but when I open the camera App, and click "swtich to
video" ,the application crashed.
   From the debug trace, can see that the MediaRecorder can  not be
newed(new MediaRecorder() ) successful.
   and the following function can not be called successful:
    MediaRecorderClient::MediaRecorderClient(pid_t pid)
        LOGV("Client constructor");
       mPid = pid;
       mRecorder = new PVMediaRecorder();   // the statement break
with a Exception

 and PVMediaRecorder() is defined as:

    mAuthorDriverWrapper = new AuthorDriverWrapper();

    mAuthorDriver = new AuthorDriver();

 From the opencore, the  PV_MasterOMX_Init() (in
pv_encomxmastercore.cpp) will be called, and please look at the
following source code in this function:



        pWrapper[0] = QC_OMX_Wrapper::New();
   //Holmes temp remove this {
        //pWrapper[NUMBER_OF_OMX_CORES-1] = PV_OMX_Wrapper::New(); //
initialize pointers to omx methods
        //Holmes temp remove this {

        // loop over all cores
        master_index = 0;
        OMX_STRING ComponentName = (OMX_STRING) malloc

        for (jj = 0; jj < NUMBER_OF_OMX_CORES; jj++)
            // first call OMX_Init
            Status = (*(pWrapper[jj]->GetpOMX_Init()))();





    I don't know why the statement  "pWrapper[NUMBER_OF_OMX_CORES-1] =
PV_OMX_Wrapper::New();" was deleted. and if this statement is deleted,
the pWrapper is empty, so when " Status = (*(pWrapper[jj]->GetpOMX_Init
()))();" is called, a exception  will happened , and this can be
caused the camrecorder crashed!

  but if I make the "pWrapper[NUMBER_OF_OMX_CORES-1] =
PV_OMX_Wrapper::New(); " usable, the author can not be complied
successful! and the error info is:
              PV_OMX_Wrapper::New() was not be declared

Can sb help me?

 Thanks !


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