Why does DDMS sometimes only show one line of logs?

by Anna PS » Thu, 16 Jul 2009 23:53:39 GMT

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 ... usually happens after a force close. Instead of showing the usual
30 lines or so of logs + scrollable history, it only shows a single
line or a couple of lines. Very annoying!

The only fix that I can find is to restart DDMS.

Anyone have any ideas?


Why does DDMS sometimes only show one line of logs?

by Roman » Fri, 17 Jul 2009 06:09:37 GMT

 I noticed the same after doing testing for a longer time. Normally I
connect and disconnect my test phones and after a certain time the
DDMS shows only one line.

I assume that this is a bug in DDMS. So far the only way to get this
resolved is to restart Eclipse and have the device connected. Then
DDMS is able to pickup correctly the logcat again.

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Why does DDMS sometimes only show one line of logs?

by Rud » Fri, 17 Jul 2009 10:01:26 GMT

 You can get the LogCat to start again by doing a clear. Click on the
icon that looks like a page of paper with an X in the corner.



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