Multipat messages.

by tiwana » Sun, 12 Apr 2009 00:43:50 GMT

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I am trying to upload a file using multipart HTTP POST. I am using the
same method being used in thread

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I have tried to use SimpleCursorTreeAdapter class.

So, I have created my own that extends SimpleCursorTreeAdapter, like

public MyListAdapter(MyModel model, Cursor cursor, Context context,
int groupLayout,
            int childLayout, String[] groupFrom, int[] groupTo, String
[] childrenFrom,
            int[] childrenTo) {
        super(context, cursor, groupLayout, groupFrom, groupTo,
childLayout, childrenFrom,
        this.model = model;

protected Cursor getChildrenCursor(Cursor groupCursor) {
        long group = groupCursor.getLong(groupCursor.getColumnIndex

        return this.model.getChildCursor(group);

As it appeared I receive Null Pointer Exception. Because in super
constructor we have call to templete method:
method, that has reference to still uninitialized class field.

How do you propose to solve this issue?


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