Multipat messages.

by tiwana » Sun, 12 Apr 2009 00:43:50 GMT

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I am trying to upload a file using multipart HTTP POST. I am using the
same method being used in thread

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1. Starting an Activity by sending an Intent with Extra Data


I have a newbie question which is puzzling me regarding using Intents
to start a new Activity but passing some data with the Intent for the
new Activity to use.

My app has  (say)  MainActivity from which I want to launch a second
activity, SecondActivity, within the same app, whilst I pass an
integer parameter to SecondActivity.

In MainActivity I want to use an explicit component with my Intent
like this,

MainActivity ---------------------------------------- FRAGMENT

int rowId ;
rowId = <some-value> ; // want to start SecondActivity and pass this
value to it.

Intent i = new Intent( this, SecondActivity.class );
// Now add rowId as Extra Data
i.putExtra("", rowId);
// start the Activity

MainActivity ---------------------------------------- FRAGMENT

Now my problem is : how do I receive the Intent when SecondActivity
gets started and recover
the value of the integer parameter ? Which member function of

class SecondActivity extends Activity {


will receive the Intent ? SecondActivity::onCreate() ?
Or do I need to register a BroadcastReceiver with SecondActivity whose
onReceive() method would
pick up the Intent ?
What is the recommended way of doing this within the Android
Framework ?

Thanks for any help


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On my emulator IM, calendar apps (that comes as a part of android open
source platfrom) are not launching at all.

Also there is NO Maps application visible in Menu.

The logcat after launching IM is :-

I/ActivityManager(   46): Starting activity: Intent {
categories={android.intent.category.LAUNCHER} flags=0x10200000
comp={} }
D/dalvikvm(   81): GC freed 9065 objects / 822568 bytes in 216ms
E/IM      (   81): Ignore bad IM frontdoor plugin:
ResolveInfo{437dc0a0 p=0 o=0
m=0x108000}. No providers found
E/IM      (   81): [onCreate] load plugin failed, no plugin found!
V/ActivityThread(   81): Resuming ActivityRecord{436b8bb8
{}} with

Please help me with some pointers.

Thanks & Regards


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