Did You fix error of OMAP framebuffer device driver

by phuongnobi » Thu, 05 Mar 2009 08:14:58 GMT

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 Hi Rupesh,
Did you fix error of OMAP framebuffer device driver?

Error of OMAP framebuffer device driver is:

  > Xorg is still on and I keep getting these messages:

  > Sending all processes the TERM signal...

  > __ratelimit: 1209594 callbacks suppressed

  > omapfb omapfb: irq error status 4000

  > omapfb omapfb: irq error status 4022

  > omapfb omapfb: irq error status 4000

Although, Boot uImage on BeagleBoard is error, I restarted it the I
ddin't see error.
Plz help me to fix error it.
Thanks and best regards,


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