DatePicker -- 2/30; 4/31 is quitely treated as a valid input

by Developer » Sat, 31 Jan 2009 13:15:29 GMT

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 Why can't Datepicker dialog automatically figure out that there are no
30 and 31 in Feb? Should not this be considered as a bug in DatePicker

The DatePicker dialog's 'set' button can be pushed without telling
user 'this is an invalid date' -- instead, it quietly convert 4/31 to
5/1; 2/30 to 3/2 after you push the button. I think an idea behavior
should be as following:
-- when you currently have "1 31 2009" and push the 'up' button on
'1' (month), you should get "2 28 2009" shown on the three elements

I thought to build a customized subclass, but a lot of the fields are
private and not accessible from subclass, anyone thought of the same

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