question about sensor, orientationListener and light sensor

by birdy » Tue, 31 Mar 2009 03:10:52 GMT

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 Hi all:

I studying set rotation by sensor now. I modify
SCREEN_ORIENTATION_SENSOR. So OrientationListenerwill be enabled
at initial time. When enable mOrientationListener, sensorManager
should register a listener by registerListener and retuen true. But it
return false. I traced the code in and found I do
not have a sensorList.
There are some questions:
1.How can I build up a sensor list (or I should ask : How can I init
SensorManager or SensorService)?
2.When enable mOrientationListener, there is a parameter :
SENSOR_ACCELEROMETER , is this parameter used for rotation detector?
What functin is SENSOR_ORIENTATION used for?.
3.Does android support SENSOR_LIGHT? If I want add light sensor, how
should I do?

Thanks a lot

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