APIDemos Is sample SaveRestoreState incomplete?

by Anil » Sat, 31 Jul 2010 04:43:15 GMT

APIDemos Is sample SaveRestoreState incomplete?

by nation-x » Sat, 31 Jul 2010 20:59:02 GMT

 There are some good tutorials here as well.




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1. Root access

Hi all,
I like to gain root access to my G1 and I have been looking for
instructions on the Internet that describe how to do it. An example of
such an instruction is http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=442480.

The main reason why I want to gain root access it that I want to use
my G1 as a wireless rooter. From what I understand, I have to flip a
bit to enable my G1 for Ad-Hoc Wireless networks, which I can do as
root. I would like to use my G1 as a Wifi router from my MS Windows or
Ubuntu based laptops.

For this specific purpose, would you recommend this 'jailbreaking' of
the G1? Are the other ways? Is there stuff I should be aware off that
is not in the instruction? Of course I will be doing this at my own
risk but is this basically all there is to it. When I follow the
instruction I will end up with basically the same phone with one
difference, the root access?

Thanks and Regards,


2. Motorola App Accelerator program - is it a dead end?

Seems to me that they bit more than they can chew. I think the willingnes is 
there but they probably were not really prepared for what they promised.

I'm not sure what they did, but we offered them the ability to feed  
apps into AndAppStore along with any other markets and nothing  
happened, so it would be interesting to hear if anyone has got their  
app submitted, approved, and listed anywhere.


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Have any other developers tried this Motorola App Accelerator program?
It claims to help distribution:
"App Delivery Channels -
Submit your app into the MOTODEV app delivery channel today and be
ready to distribute to customers."

When I submit an app, after two weeks it gets approved, and then goes
into an eternal "Publishing" status.

Is this just smoke and mirrors, or is Motorola planning to launch
their own market for Android apps, or as they somehow going to
distribute submitted apps to all markets (they do list several markets
in a non-committal way like:
Android Market
Artificial Life
at https://developer.motorola.com/platforms/android/distribute/

By the way, I emailed them about this and got no response.

If there are any Motorola marketers or developers on this group, maybe
they can comment?



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