Debugging power management - how to determine cpu state?

by Tom » Mon, 30 Aug 2010 06:01:33 GMT

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 My application acquires and releases WakeLocks. What is the best way
to test the app - i.e. is there a standard way to determine when the
cpu is running (e.g. through a debug cable)?



Debugging power management - how to determine cpu state?

by Dianne Hackborn » Mon, 30 Aug 2010 14:05:40 GMT

 It is difficult, because attaching to USB keeps a wake lock held.

You can use "adb shell dumpsys batteryinfo" to see the current stats about
your app, which includes the time spent holding each wake lock.  (You'll
probably want the last section of output, which is the time since last
unplugged.)  Note that the wake lock times are weighted, so if two wake
locks are being held at the same time they will be accounted as using 50% of
the overall time.

Also, of course, you could log when you acquire and release the wake lock
and then look at the log after plugging in again.  "adb logcat -v time"
gives logs with time stamps.

Hmmmm...  that said, if you just care about what you are doing with your own
wake locks, it doesn't matter if the device is kept awake while plugged in
to USB, and you can use "adb shell dumpsys power" to see what wake locks (if
any) you are currently holding at that point in time.


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