Random Crash in App

by emylyano3 » Thu, 03 Sep 2009 01:39:01 GMT

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 Hello, im developing a SMS unlocker. Its an app that lets you run a
game as a demo and give the option of unlocking it via sms messaging.
The problem is that im having a chash that occurs unexpectedly and i
suspect that it can be because of the way that im managing the flow
Instead of using different activities for the different interfaces,
and switch between activities each time the user choose an option, I
use just one activity and i set
different layouts.

e.g. main menu -> unlock game, play demo, help, about. If the user
chooses about, a new activity is not created, intead of that i set an
about_layout to
the activity that was already running.
When the user (in about section) chooses back option, i set the
main_menu_layout again.

Im having this problem in the emulator as well as in the phone (HTC
G1 (dream))

What I want to know is if the phone (or emulator) is having any
problem by setting different layouts at any time.

The exact error that Im getting is:
The application XXXX (process com.package.android.XXXX) has stopped
unexpectedly. Please try again.


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