SMS appliaction-- would someone would like to help?

by Jack Hsu » Wed, 20 Jan 2010 02:06:29 GMT

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 Hi all,

Sorry to bother you all. I have a proposal that I want to look someone
to help me to develop a new SMS ( short message system) in Android
platform to replace the SMS in android system. And I would like to out
source. Any one would like to take this job?

this SMS application should be:
1. SMS sending and receiving application software
2. Receive the text or MMS and store into our special design micro SD
card,and would not save in cell phone. hence, user can take this card
insert into another Android cell phone and than can see this SMS or
MMS which installed this new SMS application software.
3. Sending the text or MMS in this application software. however,
before sending, it could encrypt this text via the private key (could
be RSA 1024 bite key or 2048 ) and public key which stores in our
special design micro SD card.
4. When receiving the text or MMS, it could decrypt each time when we
read it. Same, it will get the private to decrypt this text or mms.

This project would ask for the developer who has the experience in
Smart card, PKI and SMS of Android cell phone application. And we also
need the source code.  Any one interests ?  we can discuss the
payment. please email me.  Jack Hsu

PS: the special SD card is a micro SD card embeds smart card
controller and Java OS ( JCOP v2.4)

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